Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is my favorite show on Disney Channel. It is all about this girl named Miley Stewart and she has the best of both worlds. She has many songs my favorite of her songs is If We Were A Movie.
Hannah Montana has to keep a secret away from here friends Lily and Oliver they are the best friends and they all go to Sea View high in California.
She is so talent her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus and she oringaly lived in Tennessee.
When I first saw the movie I went wow that is such a great movie I was I love with the movie I got the DVD for Christmas and I watched it over and over again eventually I got over that movie my mum was so happy. The resion why I love Hannah Montana because she is a great role model for young kids like me. My favourite part of Hannah Montana is when Miley says "Sweet Nibblets"and when it the show is on my family knows not to disturb me or I will annoy them when the show that they like to watch.

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