Monday, September 13, 2010

As year 7s we are striving to:

Improve with our sport our learning
With our writing with our blog post with every thing that we do.
Succeed in life and with every thing that we do.
Amaze People with what we do in class, in life and on our blogs.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New Zealand’s Treasure Island Vocab.

This week when we where with Ms Tito doing reading she asked us to highlight any words that we where unsure of. I highlighted these words and we had to predict the meanings of the words:

Bleak: Something to do with the weather.

Preserved: It has been saved or stored.

Forlorn: Sad or a miserable emotion.

Ignited: Something to do with fire.

Overwhelmed: Pressured.

Ordeal: Your in pain.

Lethargic: Sick.

Limbs: Your arms and legs.

Scurvy: Gone pale.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


At graphics we learn how to do many things with our hands and the computers. While Miss Ferguson had her seconed
year 7 class ever for Point England School. We learnt about all kinds of different mechanism the waving one popping out one.
Some times when the computers would not work and Miss Ferguson fixed it she would jump up and down all around the room and the whole class would always laugh at her. She would say to all of us if we put it up on our blogs she will be ashamed so much she would have to scream and do it even more shhhhh don't tell her.
We had to do 3 designs with different mechanisms.
So take a look at my illustrations and comment me what you think of them.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lorenz Netball Team.

Lorenz it the name of the netball team that I play for. April, Ocean, Shontal, Reina and I played for Lorenz J1. The name of our couch was Roslen but we called her Roz for short she was also a Lorenz player but she played on the senior team. In our compition we were in the Year 7 flight 2 in that compition we came 9th
In our team we had 7 players they where
Shontal:GS/GD (some time subbed for others.)
Reina:WD(some time subbed for others.)