Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fabulous Felt.....

In reading Huia was reading this story in a journal called Fabulous Felt. The story was about kids that made some things with fleece (sheep skin). They died it, dryed it and made it into Felt then made some Christmas presents out of the fleece that they made into felt.
Here are the steps:

1)You have to shear the sheep to get the fleece.
2)Take it to the local fleece cleaner to get the Greece and dirt of the fleece.
3)If you don't wont it white get some Onion skins, beetroots, orange peels, lemon peels, Teabags, coffee grounds,spices and all sorts of leaves, berries and barks. Cook all of these ingredients to make some natural dyes.
4)Dye your fleece the colour you wont.
5)Hang up your dyed fleece to dry for about an 1hour and stir it from time to time.
6)Then felt it gently pull the fleece into three strips, then lay it on top of a ice cream container lid spread the next four strips for the next layer.
7)when the felt dry's you can make some cool finger puppets, purses, signs and a baby mobile.

Friday, May 20, 2011


In Room 22 this term we are learning about Geometry. Geometry is the study of size, shape and position of 2-d shapes and 3-d figures.

We learnt how to draw perfect circles with the compasses. we also made our own tangrams. It was really fun because it was a new challenge.

I hope all the other maths tat we are going to learn about is as fun as geometry.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taonga Time.....

........This is the imovie we are learning to be pros at.....

.......This is my Taonga Time teacher Mrs Telea......

Every Friday the year 7& 8 have a special time called Taonga Time. Taonga means treasure in maori. We have it only for 1 hour and a half a week. When we are at Taonga time the teacher is sharing there own passion with us. The passion my teacher shares with my group is ICT.

The group that I am in is Mrs Telea’s she has a passion of ICT. She is teaching us how to use imovie 11 probably. Mrs Telea has taught us is how to keep your audience interested by changing the camera angles, to take off the volume on our movies we are in the process of making.

I cant wait till Friday because it is fun and interesting to learn about imovie 11 and learning how to use it properly. It is going to be a great Friday middle block for Vaha and Me.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DLO Hope......

This is my DLO the pt England school value I did was hope Ms Tito told all the girls and me that this was the hardest one to do but I replied " I wont to give my self a challenge".

Thursday, May 5, 2011


In room 22 we have been learning about creativity. Creativity is a way of thinking and using your imagination.
Ms Tito gave us a task to be creative we had to design our name in a creative way the resources I used was the Internet. I searched the letters I needed and then I took screen shots.

My term 1 reflections.......

These are my DLO results

I was pleased with my art because I’m not that good at art and I got a mark 7 out of 12 that is the highest I have ever got in art, because I don’t really like art but now I like it a little bit.

I this term I need to improve on my homework and my hand writing because Ms Tito makes me rewrite my homework and it’s boring rewriting it!

I think I need to work harder in all of my subjects so when our July report gets given I can get a excellent report and not get in trouble from my parents.