Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taonga Time.....

........This is the imovie we are learning to be pros at.....

.......This is my Taonga Time teacher Mrs Telea......

Every Friday the year 7& 8 have a special time called Taonga Time. Taonga means treasure in maori. We have it only for 1 hour and a half a week. When we are at Taonga time the teacher is sharing there own passion with us. The passion my teacher shares with my group is ICT.

The group that I am in is Mrs Telea’s she has a passion of ICT. She is teaching us how to use imovie 11 probably. Mrs Telea has taught us is how to keep your audience interested by changing the camera angles, to take off the volume on our movies we are in the process of making.

I cant wait till Friday because it is fun and interesting to learn about imovie 11 and learning how to use it properly. It is going to be a great Friday middle block for Vaha and Me.

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  1. Wow Maree, you are very lucky to have Mrs Telea sharing her passion with you. I look forward to seeing the finished movie and see what you have learnt.

    Miss G :-)


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