Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tagata Pasifica..

This morning the t.v crew from Tagata Pasifica came into our class to film for there next show about budjeting for Christmas and what Christmas means to us and how we celebrate it.

When they first walked in they introduced them self's the interviewers name was Okesene, I forgot the sound and camera mans name.

They first started asking questions about what Christmas means to them, he asked Vaha and Tule that question they gave him great and clear anwsers.

Then he came over to Junior H, Ngaina, Vicky and I. He asked what we were doing and ngaina described what and how we made our decorations, he was very happy with the awnser.

When they got everything they needed they left with a posative responce, If you want to watch it, it will be on Thurday Night at 11:00 PM or Sunday Morning at 7:30 AM.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Netbook Reflection.....

This is the first year that we have had our netbooks, it has been a big change since last year when we had our pencils and books to write in. We only started taking our netbooks home last term in week 4, but we only got our internet passwords not so long ago.

What I like about having a netbook is that it is easyer to find infomation and comunacate with others and its easyer to share my work with my teacher.

What I dislike about having a netbook is that my handwriting is messy because I am so used to typing, I also dilike that sometimes the internet disconnects.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Water Games at Willow Park Camp.

It was the  some end of term three and some of the students that particapated  in a after schol club called  "Riverside" got to go on a camp.  The camp was held at willow park from Monday the 10th to Friday  14th.  About 80 of us went and 2 year 8 boys came from Mr Burts Church and Ms Vaa'fusuanga's Neice and Nephew came too.

We had allot of activiteys my favourite one was the water games even thoe I got really wet.   we got to play 4 games my team (The Jerkers) first played this game when we had to wrape a person from our team up in toliet paper the way you could win that game was having the most toilet paper left on the "mummy"  my team one this game but it was very close.

The Second activity was when we had to catch water balloons with out hands it looked easy but it was qiet diffiecalt but we one that game too against the boys at first they were in the lead by 2 then we just kept catching them and the final score was 2-3 it was very close.

The other actvity was filling up a pipe with water but it had a twist there where little holes in the pipe that we had to block with our bodys and when we new that we reached the top of the pipe a ping pong ball would flote out, we didnt get to know if we won that game but I think it was a draw against the boys team all stars.

It was the final game and they saved th best for last one of my team mates said to me.  This game invovled getting a sponge sucking up the water with it and running it to the end and rinsing it out and in the other bucket then runing it back adn giving it to the next person in line.  The prize was to get to tip all the water over the other team luckly my team one so we got to tip it all over Kalim's Team, we had time for another round and my team lost this time and since I got Kalim really wet he got me really wet too, so that game was a draw.

Over all I loved every second of camp it was amazing I think it is the best camp I have been on so far.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creative Logical Thinking

This morning our class did a activity where you had to think a little differently so we could solve our problem. We got five objects to solve the problem our objects were Bowl, Box, Leaf, Hammer and a chair and our problem was You are out at sea and your boat started to leak what would you do?

Our group decided to break the chair with the hammer and get the nails out of the chair, and use the hammer to nail the wood from the chair in to where the hole is.

There were only two out of eight groups that successfully that was Julie's group and My group,
the people that were in my group was Awhina and David.

That task was challenging at first but when we thought of our idea of how we were going to solve it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The last week or so.

The Last Week Or So.

For the last week Ms Tito has been taking the percussionist practise.
Percussionist is a African tribal dance all four classes had a different beat to learn.  The people that are not in percussionest in room 22 had to go to another senior class untill they finished.  The class that I had to go in was room 21 with Vaha.
When ever we would walk past when they would be practising you could hear four different beats, but they all matches it sounded cool.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maths Whizz.

Maths Whizz is this program on the Internet that helps us with our maths we learn different strategies the one that I'm working on at the moment is Paper and pencil multiplication.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ms Richards

For the past 8 weeks we had a student teacher in our class. Ms Richards was learning to be a teacher so she came to our class to experience what it would be like to be a teacher of a year 7 & 8 class. She came from the university of Waikato. Last Friday was her last day with us so she made some dumplings and Chinese food from her culture.