Thursday, October 27, 2011

Water Games at Willow Park Camp.

It was the  some end of term three and some of the students that particapated  in a after schol club called  "Riverside" got to go on a camp.  The camp was held at willow park from Monday the 10th to Friday  14th.  About 80 of us went and 2 year 8 boys came from Mr Burts Church and Ms Vaa'fusuanga's Neice and Nephew came too.

We had allot of activiteys my favourite one was the water games even thoe I got really wet.   we got to play 4 games my team (The Jerkers) first played this game when we had to wrape a person from our team up in toliet paper the way you could win that game was having the most toilet paper left on the "mummy"  my team one this game but it was very close.

The Second activity was when we had to catch water balloons with out hands it looked easy but it was qiet diffiecalt but we one that game too against the boys at first they were in the lead by 2 then we just kept catching them and the final score was 2-3 it was very close.

The other actvity was filling up a pipe with water but it had a twist there where little holes in the pipe that we had to block with our bodys and when we new that we reached the top of the pipe a ping pong ball would flote out, we didnt get to know if we won that game but I think it was a draw against the boys team all stars.

It was the final game and they saved th best for last one of my team mates said to me.  This game invovled getting a sponge sucking up the water with it and running it to the end and rinsing it out and in the other bucket then runing it back adn giving it to the next person in line.  The prize was to get to tip all the water over the other team luckly my team one so we got to tip it all over Kalim's Team, we had time for another round and my team lost this time and since I got Kalim really wet he got me really wet too, so that game was a draw.

Over all I loved every second of camp it was amazing I think it is the best camp I have been on so far.

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  1. Hi Maree, I have been meaning to get back on your blog and leave you a message about how impressed I am with your camp report. Well done. You sound like a real reporter here with your interesting write up of your time at camp.

    It was great to see the leadership you Year 8 students brought to the younger kids. Well done.

    Mrs Burt


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