Friday, July 23, 2010

The Twilight Saga.

Twilight is a movie about Vampires and Wolfs. It is set in America. Twilight has 4 movies Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse,Breaking Dawn. In New Zealand Breaking Dawn is still yet to be released in the movies and Eclipse is now in the movies. The other 2 are on DVD and Blue ray.

Here is some of the twilight cast Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Billy Burke as Bella's dad, Peter Facinelli as Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen. They are the vampires.
Jacob Black as Taylor Lautner. Those are the only wolfs I know the names of.

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  1. Kia Ora Maree, looks like you are a big fan of Twilight, my daughters are too! Maybe you could say what intrigues you the most about being a vampire?
    Looking forward to your next blog.

    Matua Willis


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