Friday, August 20, 2010

My Aunty Sharron

My Aunty is one of the best auntys some one could ever have she is so genours she has got 20 to 30 grand kids and 3 of them live with her with there parents she also has two dogs Tui and Puppy they are labradors. My aunty also is a foster mum for kids in sips when know family cant handle them or wont them. She voulnters at the Glen Iness Salvation Army shop, my aunty used to work as a nurse like in a hosiptal but gave it up when her youngst dauter gave birth to her son. Now she looks after one of her grandkids Jaden (the little boy in the left photo).

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  1. Hey Maree

    That sure is an awesome story.
    Your aunty sounds so FUN.
    I have a favourite aunty to her name is Sarai
    Keep the awesome work up


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