Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A new sport. (Badminton)

Last week for the first time in room 22 we went to a little session with a lady named Laureen, she was from Auckland Badminton Club, she was a couch I knew that because she was wearing a Badminton Couch Jacket.

The first thing she was teaching us to do was to have control over the Shuttle ( the white thing used in badminton) and have control over the racket, she told us to don’t look down because it would lose our concentration, so I looked down and I lost my concentration, but it took a while of getting used to hitting it up and down gently.

My favourite activity was the 2ND because you had to hit the shuttle with your racket and your with you partner my partner was Lesley, She had to hold the cone and gently pass me the shuttle and I had to hit it gently and Lesley had to try and catch it in the cone that we got given to each partnership.

It was really fun Badminton because it was really different playing a new sport that I had never tried before.

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