Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our trip to Mairangi Bay

It was a early night for me on Thursday night because we had a trip to Mairangi Bay the next day to teach us about Surviving in the water.

The things that we where going to learn is how to identafie a rip and if you get into pulled in to a rip what to do If you get in a rip try and stand up and swim to the waves and stay calm.

After when we had learnt about identafiing a rip both classes (room 19 and room 20) went out and played on the beach some games with the life gaurds the first game we was Octapuss then tag bullrush and one of our helpers tackled Casey luckily he did not get hurt, but then Racheal got triped up by Feki then him and Etta went tumbling on her foot and and squashed it so she had to go and get the ice pack for her ankle.

Then we did some water activtiys the boys did boggy boarding first and the girls went swimming with the red tubes. When 15 minutes went past the boys and girls swoped over then when that half hour finished we had to get changed and pack up to come back to school. As we where leaving the sun came out foe the first time all day.

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  1. Dear Maree,
    Rips can be very dangerous so leaning how to save yourself is very important. I've been at the beach when people were caught in a rip and it was a very frightening experience. It was most probably a good thing that the sun didn't come out or you would all have been really sun burnt.
    Love from Mrs Jarman


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