Thursday, November 18, 2010

They have arrived.....

“Wooohoo” They have arrived and we are using them.
Yesterday the Year 7s at Pt England School where very exited because our netbooks had arrived and we were putting our user details in them.

The reason why we got our netbooks early is because we are the PILOTS for the Manakalani cluster of 7 schools. It is like we are the guinea pigs as the Years 7s being the pilots for testing them and writing every thing down about our comments problems and our solutions so then we send our infomation about our netbooks to Mrs Burt via email.

We still have to wait to take our netbooks home because now that we have them we are only trialing them but next year when school starts again we will be able to take them home just like all other schools from year 5 and up to year 13. 
"Having the netbooks will change our way of learning and thinking and looking at things from a different perspective" says Gabrielle.

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